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Chiropractic's Premiere Brain Trust

Core Values & Premises


We believe access to the number one brain trust in chiropractic is a rare and sacred privilege


We believe that connection is the highest leverage point to provide growth and success


We believe inspiration is an absolute necessity for anyone intent on reaching their full potential


We believe inside information yields  unparalleled competitive advantage


We believe accountability transforms you from good to great

Do You Feel Isolated At The Top?

“I have watched my business empire explode through the content and connections that I found with UAC.”

Dr. Peter Martone

Owner of Atlantis Chiropractic and The Neck Nest

Upgrade Your Tribe

You become the sum of the people you spend the most time with. If your vision is big, it’s time to invest in surrounding yourself with a group of like minded people.

Increase Your Business IQ

Success leaves clues. There is a learning curve to becoming a CEO. As you become a more proficient leader and you begin to apply best practices learned by those who have come before you, your business impact and revenue will increase.

Self Improvement

Great leaders tend to have a focus on constant and never ending improvement and self development. UAC cultivates the very members and speakers for you to learn and improve from.

UAC Members Run All Types of Businesses Within Chiropractic

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Discover how UAC has helped Chiropractors like you take their businesses and life to the next level.

Discover how UAC has helped Chiropractors like you take their businesses and life to the next level.

What Makes UAC the Highest Level Mastermind in Chiropractic?

UAC was founded by Dr. Patrick Gentempo to create a place where the most successful Chiropractors from different backgrounds, and from around the world, could come together to mastermind and create lasting friendships.

Success, and a big vision, has a funny way of isolating an entrepreneur. UAC is the place to plug in and connect with other like minded people in order to challenge yourself, learn best practices, and hold yourself accountable to a peer group.

Our profession is unique and surrounding yourself with the genius inside of UAC is a formula to grow personally, and professionally into the life you have always known you are capable of achieving.

"Before I formed our accountability group, I was really missing out on connections with other women who were smart, vibrant, and like-minded."

- Dr. Lynne Mouw
Watch Lynne's Story
"You've probably heard the saying, you become like the 5 people you spend the most time with. Well, this is like 100 amazing people that you get to spend time with that are ultimate achievers."

- Dr. Brian Capra
Watch Brian's Story
"One of the big things we feel really passionate about is the fact that we've gotten to share so much with other people and that contribution to a big group."

- Dr. Stephanie Rodaster
Watch Stephanie & Nick's Video
Join the tribe that generates over $100M in annual revenue servicing the chiropractic community and is growing every year!

How To Join The Ultimate Achievers Club

1. Submit Your Application

Fill out the application in the link above to begin the application process into UAC.

2. Join The Tribe With The Finest Minds In Chiropractic

Surround yourself, share, and learn as a part of a network that is performing at the highest level inside of our profession.

3. Watch Your Empire Grow

Leverage the genius in the room to increase your speed to success as you serve others and watch your vision become reality.

How Does UAC Help You Scale Up As A Business And A Person?

What is being the most successful person in your peer group costing you?

Many of us have had the experience of joining a new group when we were starting a new chapter in our career. Often times for Chiropractors, that’s opening your first practice.

For top performers, a common occurrence after some time spent learning from a new group of peers is that you eventually grow to be one of top performers inside of that group.

Next, a season of teaching, sharing, and giving back to that group ensues, and for a time will often bring satisfaction and fulfillment.

However, eventually you find a need, a desire, to move into a new group and start back with peers that have grown to even greater heights, a group that’s moved on to even higher levels of service and impact.

The cost of staying stagnant, of being comfortable with good, Is not what creates a lasting legacy and impact. We all know that we become the sum of the people we spend the most time with. UAC is built to provide the next level of impact for those interested in serving our profession on a massive scale.

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